SO495L Neo-flex Slip On


Color สี

Black สีดำ Tan สีเนื้อ

Size ขนาด


หมวดหมู่ : Adult Footwear Jazz

แบรนด์ : BLOCH


Neo-Flex Slip On is a split sole shoe featuring a sleek low profile silhouette for the most flattering profile in jazz. Crafted from specifically developed soft, durable leather with a new low profile heel to get that closer-to-the-floor feeling.

-Supple leather combined with arch hugging neoprene midsection for the ultimate fit, form, and function
EVA front and rear sole pads
-Neoprene insert enhances the arch and reduces creasing when pointing
-Split-sole design for flawless pointe
-Sole patch provides shock absorbing comfort and effortless turns
-Cut-out heel notch allows full articulation
-Full heel counter for added stability
-Lower top line affords glove-like fit from heel to toe
-New improved fit
-Made from BLOCH's specially developed soft, strong leather
-Split sole with EVA forefoot and heel pads and a neoprene insert to hug the curve of the arch
This shoe won't crease when pointed and offers support for the arch


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