S0200L Proflex Leather


BLOCH รองเท้าบัลเล่ต์ผู้ใหญ่ หนัง พื้นแยก Ladies Proflex Leather Ballet Shoes #S0200L

Color สี

Pink สีชมพูมาตรฐาน

Size ขนาด

Width ความกว้างหน้าเท้า

หมวดหมู่ : Adult Footwear Womens Ballet Flats

แบรนด์ : BLOCH


The perfect partner with intense, arch support and enhancement.

- The ultimate in arch hugging technology ��� it's unique design gives optimum arch lift whilst staying in contact with the foot at every movement
- Superior arch enhancement and support; moving better with the foot
- Fused neoprene and stretch mesh eliminate excess material at the arch
- Mid power mesh promotes optimum breathability
- Lowered profile design creates a featherweight feel
- Wide suede metatarsal and heel pads fit to bottom of foot whilst contouring foot-to-floor contact points
- Leather upper; Neoprene and stretch mesh arch support; Suede metatarsal and heel pads


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