0403PT BOWIE, Lady’s warm-up unitard


GRISHKO ชุดหมีผ้าร่มขายาว สีOrchid Mist, Unitard with sauna effect is made of 100% polyester specially for practice and aerobics.



หมวดหมู่ : Adult Dancewear Warm-ups & Legwarmer Accessories Legwarmer

แบรนด์ : GRISHKO


Color: Orchid Mist/Silver

Detail size

Size: 36 XS (Sansha 4)
Bust(cm): 81-84
Waist(cm): 61-64
Hip(cm): 89-92

Size: 38 S (Sansha 5)
Bust(cm): 85-88
Waist(cm): 65-68
Hip(cm): 93-96

Size: 40 M (Sansha 6)
Bust(cm): 89-92
Waist(cm): 69-71
Hip(cm): 97-100


Full length unitard featuring comfortable straps over the shoulder, cinch top, waist and cuff. 



The Heat Retention Wear new collection is designed with the fusion of high-tech materials and insider knowledge of the dancers’ needs. With the new membrane coated fabric you can easily minimize the time needed for warm-up. The microclimate is efficiently preserved between the skin and fabric which guarantees faster warm-up while staying flexible and comfortable.
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