3007 Pro Flex


GRISHKO. New technology of easy roll-up. Silent and flexible due to additional technologies PRO and FLEX.


หมวดหมู่ : Adult Footwear Pointe Shoes

แบรนด์ : GRISKO


2007 is developed with consideration of anatomic features of the medium width foot with a medium arch with medium or long toes. This unique construction satisfies 90% of ballerinas. Therefore, Grishko has the biggest part of their pointe shoe models based on the 2007 last. 2007 has a tapered dynamic form.


  • With softer insole and additional silent knot technology, making pointe shoes silent.
  • Strong support for advanced en-pointe elements with added easy roll-up technolgy.
  • Easy roll-up to en-pointe position perfect for fine movements.
  • Anti-slip heel counter molds to the foot and prevents slippage.
  • Adaptive eco-dextrin box
  • Flat and stable medium platform, balanced by hand.
  • The structure of the last for the 2007 has been engineered based on many years of R&D focused on the functional needs of the ballet dancer.
  • The smart paste recalls and assumes the shape of the foot after the first pointework.





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